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 Pour les papas : Witch Girls Adventures

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MessageSujet: Pour les papas : Witch Girls Adventures   Ven 15 Mai - 18:57

Pour faire jouer les filles

Witch Girls Adventures brings gaming to a new audience

Citation :
Starting in June, girls world wide will be able to open their imaginations and enter a world of magic and mischief through a new type of game designed to promote self confidence, mathematics skills and friendship. Witch Girls Adventures: the Drama Diaries game of magic and mischief allows girls ages 11 and up to create unique characters and take them on amazing adventures. They can fly through the air on brooms, turn people into frogs and learn to control time and space at one of the many Schools of Magic around the world.

Fans of Harry Potter, Twilight and other tween aimed supernatural franchises will now be able to create their own adventures with their friends in a prefabricated world. Players use problem solving skills to deal with in-game adversaries and social situations. Mathematic skills are exercised during character creation and each action during game play. The players have to interact witch each other in person as the Stars and Directors of their own adventures.

Witch Girls Adventures is an interactive game that requires no game boards or expensive video game systems. All that is required is the Witch Girls Adventures rule books, some friends, paper, dice and the player’s imagination, which makes it an economic game choice.
source: FPR

“The only way the table top gaming industry is to survive is by bringing in new people”, says Malcolm Harris, award winning writer and creator of the Witch Girls Adventure comics and game.

The Witch Girls Adventure: the Drama Diaries rule book and comic will be released June 2009.

Channel M is a Dallas based publishing company of comics and games. Along with Witch Girls Adventures, other company properties include a superhero franchise called Youth Quake and a futuristic franchise called Squad 60.

For more information:

Source: Gaming Report
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Pour les papas : Witch Girls Adventures
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